Terms and Conditions:

Forfeiture of AiriA NFT Benefits: Choosing to swap your Moduluc AiriA NFT for a Blockciti LAND Deed NFT will result in the forfeiture of any current and future benefits associated with the AiriA NFT. This includes any perks, privileges, or advantages linked to owning an AiriA NFT or any ongoing or future engagements with Moduluc as a company.

Receipt of LAND Deeds: In exchange for your AiriA NFT, you will receive a LAND Deed from Blockciti. It is crucial to understand that this LAND Deed represents a commitment to provide a LAND NFT in Blockciti, which is a distinct and separate entity from Moduluc.
Separation of Entities: The swap transaction marks a transfer of asset and benefit rights from Moduluc to Blockciti. Once the swap is completed, the resulting LAND Deed, and eventually the LAND NFT, will be tied exclusively to Blockciti, with no remaining affiliations or benefits from Moduluc.

Responsibility for Chain Fees: Individuals claiming LAND on other chains at later stages (e.g., Ethereum) will be responsible for covering any associated fees, such as Gas fees. Moduluc or Blockciti will not bear these costs.