AiriA & LAND Swap

The only way to get Blockciti LAND for now is to swap from AiriA. Should Blockciti achieve mass adoption, future mints will be considered as necessary.


These holders will be able to swap their existing tiers for LAND plots of the same size on the Blockciti map.

Here is the link to AiriA < > LAND swap:

Blockciti - Dark Map BG

Migration Cost

Migrating to Blockciti costs 25k MODUL per tier; AiriA holders to decide on upgrading or migrating tiers.

Blockciti and Moduluc Partnership

Blockciti leverages Moduluc’s technology and services; MODUL is the primary currency for Moduluc Web Services.

Multi-Chain LAND Benefits

Receive equivalent plots on Ethereum chains (subject to demand).

Exclusivity for BUSINESS TIERS (Tier 06+)

Issuing and ownership of subsets of LAND plots, control over multiple maps or worlds, and revenue from minting minus fees.

First Come, First Serve

Limited supply for AiriA swap; three-month window for swapping.

AUS Upgrades Available Pre-Migration

Last chance to upgrade to higher tiers, including the BUSINESS TIERS, before migration.