One Token, Many Purposes

Trade with BLOX

Fueling Blockciti's NFT Marketplace

$BLOX, as Blockciti’s native token, will be used as the preferred payment method of Blockciti’s upcoming NFT marketplace to trade LAND, 3D Assets, Avatars, and much more. $BLOX’s adoption marks a significant step towards a unified and robust digital economy within Blockciti, enhancing both the convenience and reliability of NFT trading on the platform.

From Commerce to Play

Powering In-Game Transactions in Blockciti

$BLOX extends its utility beyond the NFT marketplace, becoming the cornerstone for all in-game transactions within Blockciti’s immersive experiences. From peer-to-peer exchanges to engaging commerce hubs and interactive gaming, $BLOX facilitates a wide range of activities, making it an integral part of the virtual economy.

Driving LAND Dynamics

Upgrade LAND with $BLOX in Blockciti

In Blockciti, $BLOX plays a crucial role in the ongoing development and customization of LANDs, both in the main map (Layer 01) and the expansive Layer 02 lands issued by BUSINESS TIERS. This continuous use of $BLOX for upgrading and downgrading LANDs reflects its integral position in the ecosystem.

BLOX-Powered Minting

Mint L02 LAND with $BLOX in Blockciti

In Blockciti, BUSINESS TIERS wield the power to create new LANDs on Layer 02, minting them as distinct collections. $BLOX serves as the vital currency in this innovative process, used for both minting and selling these newly forged LANDs, leveraging the Blockciti Map Engine.

Same BLOX, Another Utility

Seamless Leasing with $BLOX

Blockciti’s advanced rental platform is relying on $BLOX as the preferred payment method. This integration positions $BLOX as a central component in facilitating smooth, secure, and efficient rental transactions.

BLOX at the Box Office

Grab Your Ticket with $BLOX

In Blockciti, the exceptional quality of built spaces, thanks to the photorealistic and scalable world-builder Moduluc Studio, makes Events and Ticketing a major use case and activity. $BLOX is set to be the preferred payment method for these events, streamlining the process of buying tickets.

Fueling Blockciti's Cloud Revolution

$BLOX in Blockciti's Web Services

Blockciti, in collaboration with Moduluc, is set to expand its digital horizons by offering a range of web services, from Cloud GPU subscriptions and Game Server Hosting to secure Storage Services. In this venture $BLOX will play pivotal roles in the Blockciti ecosystem. This integration underlines the commitment of Blockciti to provide advanced, user-centric web solutions, leveraging the strengths of $BLOX to power a robust and versatile digital infrastructure that caters to a wide range of needs within the Blockciti community.

Decoding Blockciti

Blockciti API Access

Blockciti’s advanced Map Engine is poised to become a significant data generator, offering layers of valuable information such as user engagement heat maps, zoning metrics, and trading activities per parcel. Access to these insights will be exclusive to Blockciti’s upcoming advanced API and SDK, making it an invaluable resource for businesses, traders, and investors. BLOX will be the standard payment method to programmatically access these comprehensive data sets.

Even More Possibilities

In a full-featured, photorealistic, and scalable metaverse like Blockciti, the potential use cases for $BLOX are virtually limitless. As Blockciti continues to evolve, incorporating more advanced functionalities and diverse virtual experiences, $BLOX stands to become an even more integral part of this dynamic ecosystem.

Crowdfunding and Donations

With $BLOX, supporting charitable causes and crowdfunding campaigns becomes a seamless experience in the metaverse. Users can easily make donations or fund creative projects, promoting a culture of generosity and support within the digital community.

Virtual Learning and Education

$BLOX can bring a new dimension to virtual learning and education. It facilitates payments for online courses, educational materials, and virtual classroom access within the metaverse. This makes the pursuit of knowledge more accessible and engaging, allowing users to invest in their education using digital currency.

Creator's Subscription Services

$BLOX can be used to access exclusive digital content through subscription services in the metaverse. Users can use $BLOX to subscribe to premium channels, virtual events, or unique digital experiences, ensuring uninterrupted access to high-quality content.

DePIN | Gaming | AI


$BLOX is Blockciti’s utility coin which will be used on the platform to pay for Marketplace Assets, Ecommerce payment, LAND Upgrade, issuing LAND on Layer 02, Rental Fees, Ticketing, Web & API Services, AI Training and much more!


Foundation (50%)

- 10% (500 million $BLOX) for team members & Core Contributors

- 15% (750 million $BLOX) for strategic reserve (future team members, investors & advisors)

- 20% (1 billion $BLOX) for Moduluc in exchange for providing Moduluc Studio and AiriA NFTs

- 5% (250 million $BLOX) for liquidity provision

Community (50%)

- 20% (1 billion $BLOX) for Node Rewards

- 1% (50 million $BLOX) for a public airdrop to active traders/partners

- 29% (1.45 billion $BLOX) for the Ecosystem Funds (GPU Providers, Developers, 3D asset providers, Partners…)

Initial Circulating Supply: 30%

- 20% (1 billion $BLOX) for Node rewards

- 1% (50 million $BLOX) for a public airdrop to active traders/partners

- 4% (200 million $BLOX) for LAND owners Gamification rewards

- 5% (250 million $BLOX) for liquidity provision

Future Release Schedule

2025 (10%)

- 5% (250 million $BLOX) for the Ecosystem Fund

- 5% (250 million $BLOX) for Moduluc Treasury Round 01

2026 (15%)

- 10% (500 million $BLOX) for the Ecosystem Fund

- 5% (250 million $BLOX) for Moduluc Treasury Round 02

2027 (10%)

- 10% (500 million $BLOX) for the Ecosystem Fund

Team & Investors Vesting Schedule

Coming soon...

- Team

- Investors

- Advisors