You need 50k MODUL for this transaction.

Available Supply: 876/2721

LAND Deed Lottery

Payment Option 01: 50k MODUL

Payment Option 02: 3 SOL

Terms and Conditions:

Odds of Success:By minting, minters will receive a LAND Deed lottery ticket that has no tiers and later may be redeemed for LAND Tiers from 01 to 06. While increased minting enhances chances for higher tiers, outcomes are not guaranteed and will be determined in the redeeming process.
Redeem Process:Minters of LAND Deed lottery tickets will later redeem LAND Deed lottery tickets for random LAND NFTs, determined through a fair, algorithmic process that assigns LAND Tiers at redemption; no tiers are assigned at minting.

Responsibility for Chain Fees: Individuals claiming LAND on other chains at later stages (e.g., Ethereum) will be responsible for covering any associated fees, such as Gas fees. Moduluc or Blockciti will not bear these costs.